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by debbie on November 27, 2012

I don’t like talking about sex it embarrasses me. Im not a prude far from it I just dont like discussing it out loud without a few vodka collins under my belt but a new girl friend has no problems at all. At all. Anywhere she will talk about it any where school pick up, a cafe or in line at Woolworth’s. Anywhere but she’s discrete you know? Its her giggling and my red face that gives us away as to what we are talking about. And the reality is it shouldnt be something we are embarrassed to talk about because all good marital or de-facto relationships have a degree of sexual content. Sexual content sounds good right? Its just every now and then it gets a bit hard to get in the mood to you know have sex. You get tired. You feel a bit flat or fat may be the case. You feel abit lost from each other. It happens sometimes especially doing this FIFO gig. But the reality is you need it as a couple to stay connected otherwise your just room mates. You can tell yourself otherwise but its not the same.

So whilst I was reasearching this; yes I needed to research just a little, so many crazy ‘getting in the mood tips’ where offered by google and some sleazy man named the cape crusader and most just weren’t not practical when you have three kids running around; so with that in mind and the effort it takes a bubble bath with oiled massage just aint going to work every night of the week. So here is a couple of tried and true approaches that even with a three year old attached to your foot may help those who are having a little trouble getting in the mood for later when that three year old is in his own bed.

1. Touch your partner more. When you are talking to him reminiscing about old times touch his hand, squeeze his thigh, brush his cheek. You touching him in he will in turn touch you..its win win.

2. Have a drink in bed (when the kids are tucked away). A whiskey, wine or scotch its very Cary Grant and Betsy Drake let it all go from there.

3. Wear something that makes you feel really sexy as soon as you put it on..

3. Go to bed naked. If you cant do that because of inhabition as opposed to the kids being in the bed (which if thats the case remove children from the bed) ease yourself into it tank top and knickers, knickers then ta da nothing…but if you are anything like me getting dressed half way through the night is essential for that 3 year that will envitably join you at 2am but still it gets you where you want to go..

4. Sexting..its not just for teenagers Just be careful who you send that to..as close as you might be to your mother in-law I’m sure she doesn’t want to really read what your going to do to her son.

5. Make out more for ten minutes at least before going below the belt..

6. Watch magic mike..for the descency of the script of course never mind the cast..

7. Turn the lights low and light cinnamon- or vanilla-scented candles. Why those particular scents? Try it and see what happens

8. “Forget” to wear undies on your next date or just making dinner make sure he know’s..

9. Get a Brazilian bikini wax. Everything is more sensitive without all that hair in the way.

10. Mentally replay the hottest night you and your partner spent together down to every last dirty detail. Repeat it over and over again..

but if all else fails to get you in the mood read 50 Shades of Grey its a sure fire winner.

Have a great day my lovelies,

xx Deb



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  1. debbie says:

    lol..it took a lot of work not to be..its all good fun..sometimes we just need a little reminder..thanks for popping by…Im off to pop in on you..xD

  2. I’m glad you’re this brave. I’m not on my blog! Just popping in from Kidspot. x

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