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by debbie on February 9, 2016


Husband and I went and did some charity work yesterday with Riding with the disabled yesterday so we are a little late on the post. It was so much fun and we left with that warm fuzzy feeling that we had done some good for the day; I see how it becomes addictive and we will be back.

So how was your weekend what did you do? We started our weekend with our first basketball game was so much fun- the atmosphere amazing. We then had some friends for dinner Saturday and the a lazy day Sunday.

I am currently addicted to Dexter so I watched several epsiodes of that and Im starting feel invested in dear Dexter never before have I rallied for a character I guess thats what happens when you binge watch a series?

Anyway lovelies a few fun things from around the web to get your Monday off the right foot.

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Have a great day lovely xx
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What was the worst roster that you did dad I asked.

He sat up straighter in the chair and said we did a month on with four days off. It was Groote building the mine and I never meant to work away. I started the job and came home but the guy heading the construction didn’t know how to handle the job so they asked me to go back. It was hard work the caustic that was in that job meant we had new boots, clothes every two weeks. We did that for three years then after that went straight to Jabiru to build that mine then the hotel and then Katherine after that.

I looked at him sitting next to me in the passenger seat and my heart swelled at how much I loved him. Like most daughters I love my dad but I am so proud of him for just being a good bloke. I cleared my throat because I could feel a lump swelling in it.

How was mum with you working away I asked? All right I suppose I asked her and she told me no different. There was only you and you weren’t any trouble. If she didn’t tell me any different how was I to know. The Katherine job though was the last one I came home one day and she said you do another job away that’s it. So that was it I never worked away from home again money can’t buy you a marriage.

I fiddled with the volume on the radio so I could hear him better and looked out the window at the landscape of the Barkley tablelands passing us by.

Why do you think so many struggle with mental illness now I asked him? I never knew dad to struggle with depression until just before he retired. When he called me and said I am sad and scared Deb I was surprised. I answered with because change is coming dad and it’s okay. Him telling me that was the proudest and scariest time of my life. So I was interested to know what he said.

He pulled at the seat belt adjusting how it sat on his chest before answering. Some just don’t like it or aren’t suited to it he said I didn’t mind it working away was okay. It was a job. They fed us put us up in accommodation. I was at work. I made sure I was social rather than sitting in my room but then you couldn’t sit in your room straight away anyway. They would turn off the air conditioners while we were on site. So when you got back from work and you opened the door it would literally ‘blow’ open from the heat it was that hot so it wasn’t perfect but they paid us for our trouble. You made the best of it. That’s what you do.

I saw lots of men come and go working away. Some just couldn’t be away from their family or their wives had trouble but then when we knew someone was struggling we gave him a hand if we couldn’t help he would leave. It wasn’t a big deal to not handle being away it wasn’t for everyone. We helped each other out looked out for each other. What I don’t understand now is if they don’t like it or are not handling it why don’t they just leave he pondered that for a minute before following it up with but bosses were a bit different too.

They didn’t keep blokes out there for as long as they do now but still you have a choice you don’t have to do it. With the exception of me they got workers in then out working a 28:4 short term no more than 12 months. People are different now to they keep to themselves now back then camp sites were small communities. Some people don’t take responsibility of themselves either can’t think for themselves and now you’re expected to have all this stuff and if you don’t your ‘strange’ and let’s face it these days people don’t like being seen as ‘strange’. The pressure to have bigger of everything. Strange wasn’t so bad back then but it’s different now people can be arses to those that are ‘strange’ perhaps that’s the problem. People can’t accept being strange, pass the buck, other people are arses and then with a changed management culture well….

He coughed and cleared his throat People can’t get over I don’t have a computer or have an email address I’m strange for not having that but I don’t need it and I don’t care that I’m ‘strange’.

We went off on a tangent about iPhones and my desire for him to have one even if its just for the tracking ability of one but he isn’t having any of that much preferring to be ‘strange’.



{a fifo wife} Quick homemade Baked Beans

by debbie on February 4, 2016


There is no story to this recipe, the simple fact is we love baked beans in this house. We have managed to get over the whole farting thing well verbally but you know I live in a house of boys and still we love them. Beans are so good for you it’s crazy they are great for your nervous system, digestion, blood pressure, building muscle and they are low GI so what’s not to like?

We have tried almost all brands of commercially made baked beans but never have we made our own; I know shock horror 😉 but as I get older and less tired from being awake all night from being a celebrity in my own home that love of cooking from scratch is resurfacing. It brings me pleasure seriously something my husband’s grandmother taught me.

Long story short I was craving that saucy goodness that you when you combine the tomato sauce, the butter and the crunch of the bread but we had none in the pantry. What we did have was a can of borlotti beans and because we are between working contracts everything gets eaten in the pantry {and freezer} before another shop is done; so they had to be used.

The boys complained they wouldn’t be as good however making this literally took only a few minutes more than opening a tin and placing it in the microwave and it tasted so much better that I’m not sure we will ever buy another tin so it’s kind of sign that this recipe was a winner.

The original name is Boston Baked beans but we aren’t in Boston so along with my changing of a couple of things it’s just Quick Baked Beans that are stewed go figure..

Quick Baked Beans.

What you will need:

How to:

Heat oil in a deep, non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add bacon and cook for 4 to 5 minutes or until crisp. Remove bacon from pan drain and place aside.

Add onion to frying pan. Cook, stirring, for 3 minutes or until onion is tender and light golden. Add garlic and paprika. Cook, stirring, for 1 minute.

Return bacon to frying pan. Add the tomatoes, sugar, tomato paste and beans. Cook, stirring often, for 5 minutes or until heated through. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve on buttered toast.

** Leftovers would be perfect in a Minestrone or Bolognese sauce..so nothing is wasted.

{image is with thanks to here and original recipe was found here}



How did you know you loved daddy B3 asked me.

We were lying in his bed me on my side facing him.

Well I felt happy and safe I said.

That’s how I feel with you mummy he replied softly in the dark. Is that how I will know with someone else he said because they will make me feel happy and safe.

Perhaps its different for everyone I said.

Did it take a long time he asked?

No, I said when I met daddy I knew almost straight away in fact I can tell you the moment I knew.

When he said excitedly like we were sharing a secret.

Well, Mummy was sitting in the chair at Nanna and Poppas place you know the one closest to the front door I said.

Yes, he said. I could feel him nodding and could hear the smile in his voice.

Well I was reading a textbook on the brain because I was studying psychology then and daddy he was writing on the floor. We were not talking just doing our own thing when this song came on the radio called ‘One night a day’ by a country singer called Garth Brooks. Daddy used to listen to lots of country music then. I could hear myself simplify it right down for the understanding of a six-year-old because telling him his father was just meant to be a three-week fling may not come out right but that’s how it started out he was just meant to be fun no strings attached. Typically I wasn’t looking for anyone or anything I was happily living the single life.

So Daddy got up from the lounge room floor and asked me to dance and so we did. We waltzed around nanna and poppas living room and so I knew then and there that I loved him and it was pointless pretending any different.

We had been seeing each other for just three weeks but I knew. At the time I felt scared because three weeks seemed crazy. It was such a short amount of time but I felt safe. I felt happy and that feeling has never gone away. I think about that all the time when daddy is at work how he makes me feel and I listen to that song all the time to. I could feel smile coming  as I said it.

I never hear the song he said.

I know I listen to it in the car I said smiling back at him. Where mummy first kissed daddy and I think about that all the time too.

How long did it take you to first fall for someone? Has it ever been faster — or slower — than you expected? Did you know in a moment or was it a gradual realisation? Follow the conversation on our facebook page here.

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It’s still the semi-new year and I’m sure on everyones list of things to resolve is money make more spend less etc.

Now I have found four ways that you may not have thought of to keep more of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket rather than someone else’s, so easy it is almost money for nothing.

Pay less for medical bills. 

Whilst bulk billing surgeries are becoming as rare as hens teeth and searching for cheaper health cover is like a needle in a haystack register for the Medicare Safety Net. Individuals need not register the goverment already has you recorded however families and couples must do to be ‘seen’. Once you spend over the threshold you may be eligible for more rebates. Best part it is not means tested. Here for more information and to register.

ATM fees.

If you withdraw money from another bank’s atm on average of twice a week your spending approximately $260.00 which may not sound like much, however, that’s a return airfare to Bali with one of those cheaper airline carriers.

Negotiate with the big guns.

I’m talking about your lenders and insurance companies. The truth is it’s easier to keep a customer with a rate cut then look for a new customer so you will be surprised when told your considering leaving them how easy a rate cut no matter how small might be.

Drive your car.

Let an advertiser put removal signage on your car. When I told my husband this idea he screwed his nose up but here is the deal. You keep to your normal routine drive your normal routes but keep a log book and you could be paid up to $80 a week just for splashing a logo around your neighbourhood. That’s a potential $4100.00 a year thats nothing to be sneezed at. Head here for more information.

PPS. I am not a financial adviser please seek professional knowledge before taking on any advice. I am also not affiliated with the car guy .

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{a fifo wife} a fifo life a few things

by debbie on January 31, 2016


So what are you doing for the weekend?

Us? Well husband arrived home yesterday and we are currently in the early stages of debating and planning our next epic adventure for the husbands 40th birthday. However its hot and we tired from the swing and so there is more debating than planning going on so I thought I would time it out here with you.

When it comes to planning holidays I just like to do the basics and go with the flow after that but there are a few of us going and so well to ensure everyone gets what they want out of it we {husband} is ‘planning’ it. I think planning to much builds expectations and well as I have discovered that just brings dissappointment when it doesnt work out.

What do you think?
Anyway it doesnt matter what will be will be.

So some good things from around the web that I thought you would apprecaite..

  1. A gorgeous wedding video. Here.
  2. There is new barbie coming out for all the little girls {and boys} of the world it’s a good thing. Here.
  3. The news on gut bacteria and its importance just keeps getting better. Here.
  4. How one parent turned their kid into a reader. Here.
  5. I am mum here me roar. Here.

Have a great weekend lovers.


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You don’t have any tattoos she said.

Nope I said.

I don’t have any now but I am going to get three roses with vine and have it on my heart she said.

Nice I said trying to picture what she was talking about.

The roses are for each of the children and the vine is for my husband she paused turned her gaze from the TV to me and said so do you think you will get one ever?

No, I said. I like tattoos have nothing against them find the one on my husband’s shoulder sexy as hell but they aren’t for me.

She cut me off before I could finish.

What about your kids they would mean something. Represent something. She said it kind of funny like she thought I was being pretentious.

Nah I said pulling my knees up to my chest the lounge room was getting colder. I wanted to tell her what I had decided, that I had three boys and I had given my whole body to them. I got stretch marks, my hips widen, my feet grew a size, and then there is the c-section scar done three times over. I got enough memorabilia on my body without adding some ink that doesn’t belong to me.

Well, what about your husband she asked you could get a tattoo marking him.

No. I said a little more firmly than I intended. I had contemplated it but I don’t need a tattoo to show how much he means to me. I toyed with the idea once not his name but just something to represent him but I want to keep my body for me besides he will be forever tattooed in me. He helped change me, he made me better. He was the reason I had those babies but I don’t need a tattoo of him on me.

As she looked at me I started to feel the need to explain further but I didn’t offer what I was thinking I couldn’t see the point.

I don’t need ink on my body to represent a cross section of my life I am it. I like who I am. I am stronger because of them.

She looked at me again for an answer instead, I smiled and found myself thinking about the day I came to the idea of that my ‘imperfections’ were my tattoos and I didn’t need additional ones marked into me. The imperfections things that get hidden and photoshopped out were my ‘tats’ and it changed the way I looked at myself. It took me a long time to become one with my marks, my saggy boobs from three pregnancies and three breastfed babies. My wider thighs and even bigger feet were my tattoos like a cultural tattoo or scarification they marked something in my life. They represented me and something to be proud of after I saw them this way I accepted myself better. It was crazy mindshift. Life gave me tattoos. Life. Some people don’t get an opportunity to get stretch marks, wrinkles and saggy bits.

And if I was to get a tattoo it would be small and not one anyone would see because I’m private that way but I totally get why people get them some are absolute works of art not to mention the cultural tattoos I am in awe but I’m a private person that way.

However these are my tattoos to me and with the exception of the sagginess becoming a little saggier than I hoped I’m pretty proud of them because its part of me and who I am but it’s a bit like plastic surgery if it makes you feel better then go for it because at the rate my butt is sagging its an option I may consider.

I didn’t offer her any of that.

I don’t recall the last of the conversation because I went back to watching the TV hoping anxiously that I hadn’t offended her and her well thought out design.

xx Deb


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Weegee - Lovers with 3-D glasses at the Palace Theater, 1943

‘You can tell he loves you so much’ she said.

‘Yeah, I know’ I replied.

We were in my shed sorting stuff for a garage sale, and I’m not sure how the conversation started or where it was going because it came out if the blue over a bin of vintage cloth.

‘You only have to look at the way he looks at you’, she said.

‘I am lucky’ I said sorting further into the box of vintage table cloths. I ignored her because she wasn’t the only one to bring up ‘how much’ my husband loves me and my apparent ‘lacklustre return’ of it. I’m not a great displayer of affection I don’t think I have ever been one to be that way and I guess the longer my children crawl over me the less loving I seem in public. I am a hand holder though just not a snogger.

‘My mum always said she thought she loved my father more than he loved her’ she said stopping and staring dramatically into space.

I looked at her ‘well I’m sure that’s not the case perhaps he showed her differently.’

Saying I love you doesn’t come easy for some and some don’t see it as necessary for some. Actions speak louder than words and all that rubbish yet having said that it’s not all about flowers, diamonds or dinner dates although that doesn’t go astray especially when done both ways keeps the loving alive.

Perhaps it’s because I’m an only child where affection was slim and saying I love you was rare, but I knew my parents loved me. I knew, by the way; my father boasted to his mates about me. I knew, by the way; my mum worked so hard to send me to NZ every school holidays and buy me that strawberry shortcake umbrella despite the tantrum I threw. I just knew they loved me. Hearing it made it sweet but you know’ I stopped talking getting distracted by trying to decide do I keep the table cloth or does it go the tip. I held up the tablecloth and decided to toss it.

‘I know he knows how much I love him’ I said to her ‘because I overheard him tell a friend so. He said something along the lines of she loves me more than she loves herself and it’s true I love him so much it scares me but I don’t say that in fact I rarely say I love you.’

She looked at me puzzled like what I said was so absurd it was laughable.

I considered it for a minute before saying ‘I say I love you every time I ask how he slept, or when I say travel safely. I say I love you when I hunt stores high and low for the right gel deodorant or ask him ‘what you thinking can I help you’. I say I love you when I call him Bub instead of by his real name. I say I love him when I ask him did he have a good day. I say I love you every time he brings home more plastic containers and say okay does it go in the cupboard.’

‘I know he loves me by how hard he works, by the way, he makes my favourite dinners, buys my favourite chips and how he does anything he can to make my dreams a success.’

I finished with my justification of ‘I love him so much that I love you isn’t enough and other words along with actions are capable of saying I love you.’ But then I am very confident in myself and my relationship so perhaps thats the difference.

I turned and looked at her she was staring at me smiling like a Cheshire cat ‘I knew you loved him’ she said like she needed to prove a point.

‘I wouldn’t be married to a man I didn’t’ I said leaving the conversation there because there was nothing else to be said.

Are you a public displayer of affection?

Head over to the facebook page to follow the conversation.

xx Deb

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I have just one aim this year to get rid of crap and by crap I mean anything that suffocates me and by anything that include everything from the 700 plastic containers we have to the toxic company we keep. The 700 plastic containers I can talk about the toxic company not so much yet I haven’t began to tackle that but don’t panic if your reading this most likely it’s not you. So the plastic containers my husband has a thing with food storage and correct food storage they must be placed in clean neat clear stackable plastic boxes.

He buys them, brings them home and recycles them. He is what I call a keeper. Not only is he himself a keeper but he likes to keep everything {see what I did there- it’s called compliment insurance} It is mother load crazy in our plastics cupboard. Serious the man has a crazy fetish but given that he isn’t here to defend himself I will cease with the crazy talk. I also may or may not have the same fetish with glass jars and bottles but by the time he reads this gets home there will be no problem I will have turned them into light fittings, candles, spray painted them gold , displayed them with more garden foliage than what we have and I will reign supreme in the angle department and so carry on there is nothing to see there.

Now I don’t want to become a minimalist a house with stuff is not a home it is just a shell. Its just that we all do better with less stuff me in particular however husband he can’t seem to part with it always saying that stuff might come in handy or that belongs to so and so. So the plastics cupboard, perhaps if we were feeding the Kardashians and her entourage/disciples then yes we have call for 700 containers but otherwise no no we don’t.

So how to declutter quickly before you have a chance to think too much ..

  1. Don’t buy special organising tools. Get the area clean and sorted before introducing more stuff into the space it’s also putting off getting organised to get organised. I like a spur of the moment purge no emotion no what ifs or buts.
  2. Don’t try and do it all in one day. It’s exhausting you lose steam and will power. It becomes too much, yyou become overwhelmed you lose focus you lose time and it’s around that time someone will lose a body part. Pick an area and give yourself ten minutes to ravage it.
  3. Do as Peter Walsh says keep, throw and donate. Leave the emotion at the door. It’s stuff.
  4. Finish the job by that I mean start the whole keep throw and donate and then drive it to the tip and then charity bin otherwise as I have found it sits in a corner gathering tumbleweeds of dust and dog hair. So do it start to finish.

Fortunately, a plastics area doesn’t hold much emotional value however in the back of my head I can hear the husband saying what if 700 disciples turn up on our doorstep and we need to pack them some bread and fish in separate containers according to health and safety regulations what will we do then? Well I answered back to the neurotic voice in my head we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

Happy decluttering.


{image is with thanks to here and content is original by Debbie Russo}




I don’t do a lot for myself; I am the mother to three boys after all, however, there is one thing that I have done since the birth of my first baby for myself because financial independence and security is my thing.

It’s superannuation. I know yawn.

Now for disclosure reasons I am not a financial planner so there for this is an experience not advice and you should always seek council before taking advice from anyone. blah.

Now because my boys were or are essentially my employer they paid me in great benefits of love, kisses, snot and the unmeasurable amount of happiness, but they did not pay my super.

Super has always been my thing. When I was working I made extra payments and my husband has done the same. Making sure we have enough superannuation for when we retire has been important to us right from the beginning of us becoming a couple, we don’t want to struggle like our parents. It was one of the things we had in common when we met which sound so nerdy now but women on average have $92,000.00 less than men because we usually stay home and take care of the babies which is great but women are known for living longer also, the gap in our super can create a few problems with that.

So when I become steadily employed by boys incorporated I continued paying my super via my husbands wage into a simple cash managed online account. {back then you couldn’t just pay into an account}. It wasn’t a massive amount just $10 a fortnight but that $10 has accumulated and well you know how it works.

These days there is no reason not to do super while at home looking after the most important things in life. You can continue paying into your own established Super via B-Pay or you can start a simple cash super with someone like Ing. {No affiliation it’s just who I use. It was no fuss to set up and its easy to use}. Your partner can make contributions on your behalf and receive a tax benefit as can you for being a low-income earner.

So find your super details. Head to your online banking and set up a continual direct deposit of your given amount into your superannuation account because something is better than nothing.