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by debbie on August 11, 2012

I heard this one years ago I think I read it on a magazine or maybe even Doctor Phil. I won’t deny it, I use to watch Doctor Phil when I was feeding B3 often I was ‘stuck’ in front of the TV for HOURS so it was either Doctor Phil or Days of my lives both being as bad as each other some days.

So happy marriage tip three: If you need to whinge and complain to someone other than your partner. If you need to vent. Let off a little steam. And the only person in ear reach is your family then complain and whinge to his mother, not yours. The theory is his mother will forgive him yours never will the indiscretions will just build and build. If you’re a man whinge to your mates they expect it from you. If you’re a man and you whinge to your mother chances are they will develop a grudge against your wife, whinge to her mother and well you will be the ass of the world. No matter how much toe licking you do after the fact.

And whilst I don’t have any real reason to complain about my husband I have never whinged to my parents about my husband and as a result they still think he is the bee’s knees. If the house was to burn down I’m sure that they would grab him over me. So I get it. It me it makes sense. However my girlfriend she complains to her parents about her husband and well they don’t really like him as result. They accommodate him. Nothing worse than being accommodated. Her complaining to her parents just fuels things when life is difficult for them already and when life is difficult that additional fuel from your in laws it’s just not necessary. And yet she could vent to her mother in law and it would be okay. His mother she understands, she gets him and mostly all is forgiven.

I know because despite my funny relationship with my mother in law during my husband adjustment phase to offshore life she once thought my husband was too hard on me. He at that point of our life was just being a dumb ass. I took a punt that she wouldn’t slap me down like I know she has done to others less fortunate before me also taking the same punt. I vented, I complained. She listened to my plight and whilst she agreed he wasn’t behaving so wonderfully she kept listening so I kept venting. She asked if I needed help. I told her no this is my problem, my marriage, no one fights my battles for me. She never thought of him any different she didn’t judge him and I had vented all that off my chest.

So basically fella’s your stuck but ladies think it over next time you need to have a vent but my theory..If it’s bad enough I whinge to my husband. If it’s just a whinge because he won’t ever shut the toilet door keep it to yourself, have a giggle and let it go…

Have great day lovelies,

xx Deb

PS Once again all thoughts, opions and tips are my own and gained from my own experience. Please use this advice at your own risk..I know its commonsense but apparently common sense doesn’t stand up in a court of law so I’m covering my proverbial backside..this is my official disclaimer..use it at your own risk xx Deb

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